Tips on How to Properly Take Care and Maintain Your Trees

Healthy trees are considered as a very important asset to your residential or commercial property. As a matter of fact, during the hot summer season, they can be able to provide you with cool and nice shade. In addition to that, the birds also use them in order to create their living spaces. Aside from that, trees can also be able to increase the value of your residential or commercial property. In order to help you learn and understand more the maintenance of the trees in your property, continue reading below.

There are actually a lot of things that you can be able to do in order to encourage and grow healthier trees in your property as well as make them last for a longer period of time. But, there are also a lot of things that you must avoid in order to make sure that you are able to keep your trees healthy. Having said that, if you are not completely sure of the things that you should do, you can also call a professional and highly skilled tree service provider in your area as well as find out what are the specific requirements or advices they have for you when it comes to caring and maintaining the health of your trees.

On the other hand, you should always remember that you should never top the trees in your property on your own. This is due to the fact that topping is considered as an example of eliminating all the large branches from your mature trees. As a matter of fact, topped trees are usually disfigured, and you surely do not want this to happen to your commercial or residential trees. While you may think that you’re helping your trees, chances are you’re actually doing it in the wrong way and you may end up creating more damage to your tree instead of helping it. This is the reason why if you want to trim your trees, it is very important that you only trust the professional services of expert, qualified, and skilled tree trimming service provider or a highly trained tree removal in Pittsburgh, in case a diseased or dead tree has to be totally removed in order to save the health of other trees in your property and to avoid danger.

Furthermore, the moment you take some portion in the canopy of a tree, the truth is that you are only creating an imbalance to the tree’s ratio of root to canopy and it can severely affect the tree’s nutrition in a wrong way. Aside from that, it can also end up exposing your tree to the harmful rays of the sun, which can also eventually lead to scalding. Usually, topped trees in a residential or commercial property can end up resulting in getting suckers that are close to the cut of the pruned tree. Generally, these particular branches of the tree end up attached to really weak branches of the tree, which are doomed to fall and create danger.

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Safety Tips When Tree Trimming

Just because you know how to trim a Christmas tree doesn’t mean you’re fit enough to trim a large, living tree. Professional tree trimming actually requires a different skill set and a great deal of knowledge on tree structures. It’s dangerous to push tree trimming if you’re not professionally trained to do it.

For one thing, you’ll need a special set of tools, like trimmers, axes, and chainsaws, to get the job done. Since you’ll be climbing up there and cutting branches, you also have to wear protective gear. There’s also the question of equipment, such as an aerial lift, in case you’re dealing with hard-to-reach branches.

Tree Trimming Safety Considerations

Tree trimming can put you at risk for electrocution and falls if you don’t know what you’re doing. For the sake of preventing physical injuries, damage to properties, and in worse scenarios, death, never attempt to trim trees on your own. But if you must trim your tree for whatever reason, at least follow these tips so you’ll possibly stay on the safe side.

1. Wear protective gear.

It’s important that you wear a lineman’s leather gloves and non-conductive hard hat when tree trimming, especially if you’re working near power lines. You must also wear close-fitting clothing with long sleeves. And since you’ll be exposed to wood particles, pine needles, dust, and insects, you must wear adequate eye protection. The other things that you need are ear protection, anti-slip shoes, chaps, gauntlets, and a harness.

2. Assess the job area.

You hire a professional to do tree trimming mainly because they have the expertise, experience, and equipment to do the job. Even so, they don’t proceed to work without thinking. They start by surveying the area and planning each more. When you cut tree branches from above, you must know where it’s going to fall. You have to secure that area and make sure no one’s going to be around when that branch falls. People should know that you’re working up the tree so they are properly forewarned. If you fail to do these, then you’re practically creating an accident that’s waiting to happen.

3. Check the weather.

Never work up the tree if the weather station predicts rain or snowfall. Working under these conditions puts you at risk of fall or injury. Call off the job and just do when the weather clears. But if it’s a huge storm that just occurred, be sure that you inspect the integrity of the tree first, as it may be a lot weaker than it looks.

4. Work with somebody.

You might think that you can do the job alone but try not to be too overconfident. It won’t hurt to have somebody watching your back throughout the whole process. If possible, work with somebody who is more capable, experienced, or knowledgeable than you. Or at least have somebody on the ground to secure the area while you are working up there. However, the safest way to do things is to call the experts in tree trimming Houston. With their help, you can get your tree trimmed safely and beautifully with least hassle on your part.

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